Combined Report From Adventist Shs week 1-3

The first meeting was with the school ICT teachers about what the program is about, why they must be involved and also what the school and the students stand to get when full participation is ensured. The 2nd meeting was held with the students on 27th Oct and it was not that bad. The School […]


REPORT FROM TOASE SNR. HIGH Today marks our fifth meeting. The meeting time was set at 2pm during our previous meeting. Because of this i went to the school at 1pm in order to get the 18 students for our meeting, but my effort was to no avail. I had the same number I had […]

Another Report from AMASS

Ideally, we are supposed to meet on every Thurdays but I had to schedule a meeting today because they will be having their inter-houses competitions God-willing Thursday and Friday. I couldn’t afford to miss this Thursday’s meeting.. Although,it was extemporaneous but they turned up in their numbers so I was really amazed..We had an interesting […]


On the third week on 19th November,  2016. (Saturday) I told the tutor a day before to organize the students for the meeting and the time was 12pm. On the meeting day,  I called the tutor and he told me to come at 1pm instead. I got there on the meeting day at 12:54pm, but […]

My fourth week experience at KNUST SHS.

Today is 18th November,2016.The students didn’t come on time even though I went early hmm . There were different faces once again even the regular 15students were around.The HOD has done the groupings although.But all went well enough for today,the children came to practice some the work themselves.Also kept the register to ensure that those […]

Report from AMASS

We met again yesterday and as usual we had fun with Scratch. Their tutor had already gathered the students. 23 students attended the class yesterday. Everyone was doing well with the scratch..We have our 5 groups ready.Some of the groups shared with me the projects they want to work on.. Some students have also made […]

report on my experience at knust Shs

last Friday was another week for teaching.I was very happy because my students were able to do yhe assignment I gave them.They participate in very exercise I give them . However, when I go to teach I always see new faces even though I have 15 students who are regular and punctual.I keep register and […]

Another day at kass

Week 3 As usual, i got there on time, waited for about 15 mins before i saw some familiar faces entering the lab. I introduced the the day’s topic and expectations at the end of the day. Since there was few students in the lab i decided to ask them what they intend to achieve […]