The 5th week was as challenging as usual but we managed to pull it off. The challenges where not anything out of the usual but we made do with the time we had on hand. The number of students were not impressive in the beginning but i went on introducing the few students available to the last topic the number increased considerably. We were able to cover the syllabus on time but we have not been able to meet for the 6th week because they are writing exams and having their inter-school sports games at the same time. The tutor and I have decided that he should contact me when they are free so that we can have our last meetup just to wrap thing up. As I said, we are than with the syllabus but the plan was to meet them for the last time so that I can address and solve any difficulty the student are facing with the scratch program. We have been able to form four groups, with each group comprising of five students except for the 4th group which is made up of only four members. Even though i had new students joining us at the latter, I decided not to include them to the groups already created. Because they may slow those who started the program from start. We were able to complete the syllabus by arranging to meet at least five times in a week. So the students with their cooperation and that of the tutor we made progress irrespective of the challenges faced. This report was delayed because I wanted to meet them for the 6th time before posting but from the look of things and the elections and that of their exams and sports weeks I don’t think it will be possible to meet for the 6th week but as I said above the tutor and I have a plan to meet them for the final time if time permits. below are some videos taking from the 5th week.




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  1. Kwadwo Aning left a comment on December 22, 2016 at 8:31 am

    Was Great. Was it possible for you to meet again please?

    • doner left a comment on December 23, 2016 at 11:16 am

      We could not meet on the said date but the tutor said he is on top of the program and that we will be calling each other.but it is the final remarks that i didnt have the opportunity, as for the syllabus we have completed so far the four groups have picked their project topics. we are set to start working on the projects and the plan is to be around and guide them through it, even though we start addressing on ways and means t0 breakdown the projects into smaller modules to make it easy for them work very easily.

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