Week Four at Simms High School

It’s been a hectic week and it really challenging since the tutor hasn’t been of help. we had to catch up with the program before the Christmas break so we had to meet four times in a row that’s from Thursday to Tuesday due to their milo games and also the election break a week after their, even though we couldn’t have all the 25 students that we started with but the few we had gave their all to the program they fully participated in everything that we did, we were able to go through to the last week thus week 5 were because of the time factor couldn’t help us to finish and so what I did is I copied the last week thus making new blocks and also game strategies for them so that they could meet during their free time then they go through with it so we are hoping we can meet during the Christmas to go through with them and finish up with the program.



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  1. volunteer left a comment on December 23, 2016 at 11:03 am

    How far with the remaining two weeks. Had a discussion with you and it seems you wanted to meet them during vacation. Considering their various homes and this vacation being an x’mas vacation, I don’t think it may be feasible to do it during the vacation. So what concrete steps are you embarking on to make it up.


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