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FINAL REPORT FROM TOASE SHS. MEETING ON 17TH FEBRUARY, 2017. The meeting was to be on 16th February, 2017 but there was a need to postponed it due to some Mock exams that didn’t make the students available on the already agreed date… The class started at 3:42pm and I had a reduced number of […]

Report on the intra-school competition in Amass

The long awaited intra school competition was held yesterday.The students ¬†were happy to finally present their final projects.In fact it wasn’t easy for some groups to even choose a project ¬†from their numerous projects.. Some groups had more than one projects so with the assistance of myself and other tutors around, we helped them choose […]

Report from TOASE ON WEEK 1 SECOND PHASE The meeting was on Thursday, 2nd February, 2017 at 4:00pm. I got to the school at 3:40pm and by then they had closed from the normal school class so some students had already come to sit for the Scratch class, but some few students were having some extra classes, so I had to wait till 4pm as scheduled. Eventually, the class started at 4:10pm and I welcomed them back from their Christmas Vacation and hammered on the importance of the course and why they should maintain their interest in the Scratch Program. I took them through how the Second Phase of the program was going to be like and they understood it better. Not all the students that I was working with at the First phase showed up, so I had to regroup them and my hope was it was gonna be the last groupings for their Project. I systematically took them through the various steps that they will have to go through before they can come out with their final project work. Upon finishing with that, it was already time for their supper so I had to release them for their dining and that was the end of the proceedings for the day… Thanks