Report on OWASS

The first meeting was held on 14th October. It was a really nice experience . When I got there the students were already waiting. The scratch had nt been installed on the pcs in the lab. They wanted to know what the program was actually about. And wen they were told they were in for […]

2nd encounter (OWASS)

My 2nd was on the 21st October… The students really participated…. There was a problem with the laptops in their lab room… So the scratch had not been installed on the laptops and we had to use the smartboard through out the whole session. The ICT teacher of the school was present and found the […]

Report from ksts on CS4SI program (Scratch): it was little difficult from the start but after two weeks time, the number increase to 25 and I and the tutor work hard to mentain the number to this.For now , we have 20 punctual student’s and 5 off and on student’s. At the moment, we have 4 groups of 5 members each, but the challenge here is next week, they are starting their practical end of term exams and the student are calling for break so that they can learn hard for their exams

my second week experience in Adisco

It was difficult again in the second week of teaching because the number increases but with God being on my side and with the students been so serious for the program things went well with me and the tutors also commit them selves a lot even when i’m late they gather the students and guide […]

3rd week encounter in Adisco on 17th November 2016

I was very happy when i got to the ICT lab and this was because i saw the tutor and the assistant head master guiding the students to do their own things whiles i’m not yet in. and when i started teaching, one of the students raised up his hand and said he want to […]

Report from St. Louise

Teaching has never being an easy thing. So taking up this challenge to teach, I wasnt expecting everything to go one smoothly. I really enjoyed my first meeting with St. Louise because all the students had their personal laptops, the room was filled to capacity, and the all materials needed were available. The environment was […]

Report from St Louis

Subsequent weeks have been very tough for me. Looks like the school is not devoted for the program. Will go there only to be told the are having a program. One challenge is that I meet new faces each week so have to back to what I taught the previous weeks

Report from Adventist Shs for weeks 4 and 5

On 1st December we had our 4th and 5th meeting combined because of the school’s participation in the on going football  games and after the election break. We started of with a review of what we learnt the previous week and moved on to some problems that could be solved by Scratch. Some students brought up problems […]


The 6th and final meeting was on the 25th day of November, 2016. I got to the school at 1:36pm and the students were already seated waiting for my coming. There were 19 students present of which 2 faces were new so I added them to the groups I had already formed and told them […]

Report on Final work done.KNUST SHS

It was Friday, That’s 25th November, 2016.I got to the school on time exactly 2:45pm where I was supposed to start at 3pm.I went there to complete the 7th and 8th lessons on scratch . However, I started my first lesson on #14th October, 2016. #21st October, 2016 for the second lesson. #29th October, 2016 […]