The past three weeks have been challenging. But, this week has seen some improvements with the program. I had sixteen students participating in the program, out of which eleven students where new to the program. The challenge was, i had to start all over again to make sure we were on the same page. Even […]

REPORT ON KTI Kumasi Technical Institute on The CS4SI program (SCRATCH): It was little difficult from the beginning of the teaching but with God being on our side and with the students been so serious things went well. I will also say they are also committed and willing to do their best to learn and excel.The only problem was , their number was quite limited as expected but it was due to a reason which I think we are working on to make things better.Hoping as time goes on they will be ok with the SCRATCH programming and be masters on their own. Below are some pictures taken as the program was on going.

Hmmm I faced many challenges in the school I was assigned to for the last 2 weeks 8 went to teach . Some are; there weren’t enough computers and the students came in late this increased my time of hours I spent there. However, some of the students were good and were able to cooperate with me so the first 2weeks lessons have been completed.

Today is 18th November,2016.The students didn’t come on time even though I went early hmm . There were different faces once again even the regular 15students were around.The HOD has done the groupings although.But all went well enough for today,the children came to practice some the work themselves.Also kept the register to ensure that those […]


The scratch program with my assigned institution has not met my expectations. It has been very difficult to cover a lot of lessons within the hour of code agreed on. I feel and think the campaign or the awareness of the scratch program have not been well received by the schools. With my school for […]


About 42 Senior High Schools were invited to attend the launch of the CS4SI project. The event took place at the Cicero Hotel at Kumasi. Most schools attended and 14 of them were selected to be part of the project. The two other slot were given to Wesley Girls High School and Adisadel College in […]